Refresher Driving Course

Refresher Driving Course – We have flexible hours when it comes to refresher courses and we will tailor your driving tuition to meet your own needs.

Depending on your individual needs the refresher course will suit you if:

  • A freshen up is needed when you haven’t driven for a period of time
  • You have moved to a different area requiring a different style of driving from what you are used to. For example Town/City or Country driving.
  • You would like further advice on new scenarios, busy city parking or streets
  • You need to supervise your children when they are taking on driver learning themselves
  • You wish to beat nervous issues if you have previously had an accident
  • Driving is required as part of your career or job
  • You have a need to carry out motorway training which wasn’t covered in previous driving lessons

How many lessons will I need?

The number of refresher lessons that you require will depend on your current skills or how long you have not driven for. There is never any pressure put on you at any stage; you decide if you want to take further lessons after your initial course or not.

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